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The Extra Weight Can Be Dangerous


Maintaining a healthy weight can be one of the most healthy decisions you can make. While this can be seen as a move for aesthetic purposes, maintaining a healthy weight essentially affects your overall wellness.

As an urgent care clinic in La Plata, Maryland, we want everyone to live their best and healthiest lives. This can be achieved with a healthy weight. But to emphasize the essence of healthy body weight, let’s discuss how extra pounds can endanger your life.

  • Higher Risk of Health Conditions

    Numerous conditions are linked to obesity. For one, your organs and body parts, such as your lungs, heart, bones, and muscles, can be stressed out because of the extra weight. This stress can lead to dangerous chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and osteoarthritis.

    Chronic conditions can then lead to more health complications, with some leading to death. If you are experiencing some of these complications, get primary care immediately.

  • Poor Exercise
    Extra weight will make it hard for you to exercise. Many weight loss programs will involve exercise. But doing these exercises may even be too difficult to perform because of this extra weight. It can lead to weaker organs, muscle atrophy, and overall poor health.
  • Sleeping Problems
    Obesity is also the cause of sleeping problems. Insomnia and sleep apnea can are linked to obesity. You will experience fatigue and mental stress when this happens. With poor quality of sleep, your health can further deteriorate your health.

Here at FaithFirst Health Clinic& Urgent Care, we can help you control your weight and live your healthiest life. We offer urgent care in Temple Hills, Maryland, to ensure all your healthcare needs are met. Call us today!

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