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Providing Full Scope and Immediate Medical Care Needs


There will be a time when one of our family members, or even we, requires immediate clinical care from a reliable medical professional. Having a FaithFirst Health Clinic& Urgent Care a well-established and recommended provider of Urgent Care in Temple Hills, Maryland means that you have the advantage of accessing your immediate health needs without a schedule.

Our Urgent Care Clinic in La Plata, Maryland, is consisting of amazing healthcare staff and medical doctors who will put your medical care needs first. We are a clinic that provides a wide range of clinical and urgent care services in the community.

The Primary Care doctors in our clinic are experienced and can guarantee to help keep you and your family healthier. They will make sure to keep a good record of each patient’s medical history and provide health advice that can keep them healthy.

It is also very important to take the Annual Physical Examination seriously. It is best that we know an updated version of our health condition so that if there are any health concerns, they can be provided with treatment immediately.

We also provide Weight Loss Programs for those who want to achieve healthier physical health. If you have any concerns or require any of our services, please do not hesitate to visit our clinic at your most convenient time. You can also reach out to our lines.

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