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Medical Care Services You Can Trust for Your Children


When it comes to the health of our kids, there should be no question and consult reliable medical care professionals in Pediatrics to see the health condition of your little kids. FaithFirst Health Clinic& Urgent Care is a trusted place where you can bring your little ones.

Our urgent care in Temple Hills, Maryland caters to individuals of all ages, and that includes little patients. We completely understand how fragile children’s health can be, and it is important that we know a reliable clinic where we can go when medical attention is needed by them.

We want nothing but everything that is best for our kids. We want to know that they get all the extra protection that they need as they explore and grow. As we allow them to experience school we should have the extra guarantee that they are safe from communicable diseases because of vaccinations.

We have pediatrics and primary care providers who collaborate when it comes to your child’s medical needs. There is a wide range of services that we can provide to keep your kids healthy whole year round.

Our place values your time, and we are always prepared for medical situations that require instant solutions from our urgent care clinic in La Plata, Maryland. Come to our clinic anytime. Walk-ins are always welcome.

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